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August 9, 2021

Future of the site, some thoughts

Well good morning/afternoon/evening. So far I've been updating a few things here and there, mostly easy pages that just require a quick copy + paste without any actual coding changes, just text replacement and etc. I have no idea how long I'll keep the momentum up to keep doing this, but for now, here we are. And besides, I don't have it in my mind to delete the site any time soon. But we'll see how long my energy lasts this time around.

Also, I'm moving in a few weeks here. Things in my life are surely going to start picking up after that. I definitely won't have as much time to play around on neocities and the rest of the world wide web. But we'll see! I'm still in school, so I might have a bit of time left before this becomes yet another lost remnant of my online presence. For now, I'll keep trying to finish the things I haven't yet on here and we'll see where that goes.

August 5, 2021

A fair and friendly greetings!

Well it's been a while! First off, thank you for 10k page views! That's insane! I'm sorry I haven't touched neocities in so very long. I thought that a proper journal page was in order. I'm not sure how motivated I'll be to keep this up, but I thought about it randomly today and logged in and was suprised to see numbers like that since I've been away. I get random bursts of creativity and interest so, today was just one of those days, I suppose. Thank you for your patience.

That being said - I have some plans to pick a few things back up. Polish a page off here, adjust something there. As far as life updates go, I'm doing well! I'm moving, actually, very soon, and then life will get busy, so likely this little slice of the internet will go dark once again. But while we're here, we'll try and make the most of it together, yeah? I'd like to at least finish or update the pages I've been meaning to. Let's see where it goes. Anyway, thank you again for the page views and follows! I'm glad that people enjoy it.