11.22.2020 what the fck was i on when i made this page? lol but yeah feel the same way just probably about some different shit huh.

1.21.2020 ok ok ok ok fuck pk i know im gonnna sound creazy i know is ound insane but listen to me i;liste to me. i know its you i know it s you i know it syou i know i know i know i know who else ould it be ive been searchng ive been curiosu ive awlays wonderered where yo u went and now here you ware in front o fm ebut its not you its nt its someone lse e but i know that i knew i shoud have susepecte dyou either. . changed or ouo are the same but changed but differenet DO YOU UNDERSTAND. i really want ot know. i knwa. i want ot know. i want to kniw. i wnat to reach out but yove griwn youve grown so much i can tell icna tell youre getting beter i can tell yuove growna dn what baout me. wht a bout me. nothig. thig. nothing i sfdifferent. nothing is changed. im sill this way sill this twa stull so fucking depressing a sstuid fuck this fkc this cck thsf ufkckckc i hate it